Sneak Peek at What's Inside

I'm so excited about the release of my new book, Warrior King!  It's releasing September 9th, but if you wait until then you'll be missing out on a killer deal.  Pre-order now and not only will you get the book sent directly to your home, but you'll also get a full-size print of one of the featured pieces of art that is in the book.  This one-of-a-kind piece will look stunning in your office or home, or it could make a great gift for the leader in your life.  If you're ready to order just click here to go directly to the book page.  Of course, you can keep reading and get a sneak peek at the Prologue to the soon to be released, Warrior King.


I fancy myself a warrior.  A warrior who has fought many battles.  I say, “fancy myself” because although all the fights I have fought have been victorious, I actually feel the pain of the current fight more than the others.  I guess that’s true for a lot of things though.  Current pain is always more profound than historical pain.  Pain quickly becomes a forgotten memory.  A shadow that dashes out of one’s peripheral vision.  You know it was there. You saw it. But when you turn to look at it full on, it’s gone.  No longer haunting you or waking you up in the middle of the night or tearing at you in the middle of the day.  No.  Pain is never historically remembered with the poignancy of the present.

Every warrior new to battle thinks he has found a new route to victory.  A route that never travels through the valley of shadows and death, is a route that knows no conquest or growth.  All roads of victory lead through the dark valley.  Tested warriors reflect on their past and discover that all roads lead through the dark places.  The amount of time that is endured in the valley of pain and trouble is always in direct proportion to the size of the conquest. 

Present pain repulses the storybook warrior.  It's the uncomfortableness that causes him to remain on his steed, in his gleaming armor, shouting the latest war cry with no intention of facing the enemy.  After all, that would be too painful.  

Pain is the one emotion that supersedes mere feelings and lodges itself in the realm of reality.  It pokes us and prods us, trying to condition each of our next steps to be that of comfort and ease.  Comfort and ease are the harmonic lullaby that has wooed many a warrior. Yet pain is a cacophony of sounds that jars us and screams for us to retreat.  But a real warrior knows that pain is his anthem.  It's through pain and suffering that the warrior is most aligned with the High King.  Without pain, there is no battle, and if there is no battle then there is no victory.  A storybook warrior wants a victory where there is no battle, and that in itself is a fable for the making. It's as fanciful as rainbows and unicorns.  The kind of stories that put children to bed, helping them to rest on a pillow of tender dreams.  Warriors, true warriors, have no time for things so trivial.  Warriors know and understand that they have been knighted for something far greater than a childhood fable.  They have stepped into a covenant with the Great High King to build kingdoms and save souls from the dragon. 


Pain is inevitable...


                   Pain is unavoidable... 


                              The Battle is upon us...