Warrior King - Book Release!

Betrayal is one of the most insidious weapons of the enemy.  It has the power to cripple even the strongest of people.  If you've ever been betrayed, then you understand.  You have experienced the powerful pain that has the ability to transform the sunniest of days into a tempest.  If you've never been betrayed, then you are among the blessed minority.  From marriages, relationships, and even organizations - betrayal has its place and does its damage.  The closer the relationship, the deeper the wound.  

I'm super excited to announce the release of my new book "Warrior King."  This allegorical tale sheds light on the dark side of betrayal and how it has the power to kill you or transform you.  It's a weapon that the enemy has been using for centuries to hobble leaders across the globe.  Nothing cuts or wounds like a blow from those that are closest.  "Warrior King" is a book that will help you navigate the halls of your wounded heart, so you can once again step out into the sunlight of the open skies.

When you pre-order your copy of "Warrior King" you'll also receive a bonus gift!


Warrior King will be available on Amazon September 9th, 2018.