A Father's Day

Some situations that I am a part of are so tragic, that there are no words that can aptly describe the passion and pain that take up residence in a room.  Not so long ago, a young boy, barely into his teenage years committed suicide.  He was part of a loving family with a loving father, mother, and siblings.  It was truly the most heartrending thing I’ve been a part of.  I don’t share this to cause undue attention to the family or to unearth sadness or anything like that.  I also don’t share any of this to minimize or trivialize the incident. 

However, during the funeral that day, the Lord spoke to me.  It was through a scene that I’m sure will never leave my mind.  A scene that has been etched into the veneer of my soul. I watched as a father grieved the loss of his son.  Tears and groanings of a deep loss filled the space.  It was a sacred space.  As I watched the father bent over the casket of his son in deep agony the Lord spoke to me.  Not in specific words, but more in rhythms, ideas, colors and smells, like only he can.  The idea began to unfold in my soul that God is a father too.  A father that is all powerful and all loving.  But no matter how much love is present, and no matter how much power resides in the Father, all of it is powerless in the face of a son’s decisions.  

A Father’s love.

            It’s blind to a fault

                            Deaf to insult

            It sees beauty 

                            And reflects its own

            It always hears a cry for help

                           No matter the distance

                                                  No matter the size

A Father’s love.

             It’s immovable

                           It’s tenable

             Its depth has never been seen

                           Yet explored by others of the same

             Its power felt by all

                           Whose thoughts are dissident to his own

A Father’s love!

              It saves

                           It holds and loves

                                              Yet it stands powerless against the choice of a son.