Where are You?

I have three kids and I have taken them to a lot of places. Some of those places cost me a lot of money! One time we flew the entire family out to California and went to Disney Land and Knott’s Berry Farm. Did I mention it cost a lot of money? That’s not a complaint just a fact. I knew it would cost a ton, but if my kids enjoyed it then it would be worth it. A smile on a kid’s face, and hearing them laugh is almost priceless. While we were there, things were not perfect, nor were they complaint free. In fact, my kids found things to complain about that I didn’t even know were possible! We road rides, and ate like kings. We went from one entertaining thing to the next. We bought souvenirs, seven dollar Cokes, and Mickey Mouse ear hats. This was supposed to be the greatest vacation ever. I thought it was. When we got back home I asked the kids what their favorite part was. Their response was less than stellar….

Their favorite part was the plane ride.

They had been to the happiest place on earth and didn’t even notice.

I’ve realized over the years that there are always things to complain about. There will always be people around that you simply don’t like being around and our lives will never have a shortage of things to complain about. Complaining is the easy way. But what if we chose to slow down and look around. Look around at the blessings that we are living in. Look at how awesome our life is, because I’m pretty sure your life is not near as miserable as you think it is.