Influence Now & Beyond

Eric Metaxas, in his book, Martin Luther, relays an historical tale about a Pastor named Michael King who, in 1934 journeyed from Georgia to the Holy Land.  On his way back he stopped by Berlin, Germany for a conference.  While there he learned a lot of information about the great reformer Martin Luther.  It was such a profound experience that this Georgia Pastor decided to do something extreme.  To honor the great reformer, this Pastor changed his name from Michael King to Martin Luther King.  His son was only 5 years old at the time and went by the affectionate name Michael King Jr.  The dad wanted his dramatic change to not only affect him, but the next generation as well.  So, he changed his son's name to Martin Luther King Jr.

A reformer from the 1500's in Germany lived a life that not only transformed the Christian landscape of his time, but influenced the civil rights landscape on a completely different continent, hundreds of years later.  His life was a life of grand influence.

Too often we live our lives day after day never really taking in to account the influence that we have on others.  You might even laugh at that and decided that you are not in any position to influence anybody, but you would be wrong.  Each of us lives a life that covers and influences roughly 200 years.  You influenced your grandparents.  Your life impacted them and changed them in some way, and then our lives will reach forward into influencing our kids and grandkids.  Our lives carry influence, it's just a matter whether we are using it or not.

Who are you influencing?  You might think no one, but pause for a moment and give it a moment to marinate in your mind.  There are people in your life that you are influencing, guaranteed.  Once you discover who they are then you need to ask yourself the next scary question: "What are you influencing them to do?"  Is your influence positive or is it negative?  Don't let the revelation that you influence people scare you or even shake you.  Lean in to it.  Recognize that this is what God has destined you to do.  To influence not only your generation but those to come as well.